A Beautiful Casino Hides In The N.C. Smokey Mountains

Posted by admin on Aug 12, 2011

North Carolina, located in the southeastern section of the United States, shares one of the world’s natural wonders with its neighbor, Tennessee. Beautiful and majestic, the Great Smoky Mountains stretch from Pigeon River, in North Carolina, to the Little Tennessee River. The Smoky Mountains are famous and take their name from the great bluish clouds and plumes of smoke that hang over its peaks; this natural effect is the result of the warm air from the Gulf of Mexico rapidly cooling in the high elevation. Read More…

Drive The Blue Ridge Parkway For Incomparable Scenery

Posted by admin on Aug 08, 2011

The Blue Ridge Parkway is an almost indescribable stretch of roadway meandering for approximately 469 miles from the southern Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and having 125 miles within the borders of western North Carolina. As you drive along this two-lane highway, not only is the scenery breathtaking from early spring to late fall, but there are no 18-wheelers or product and business advertisement billboards to be found. The parkway which is celebrating its 75 anniversary of construction in 2011, is home to the only river east of Read More…

The Largest House In The U.S. Can Be Found In Asheville

Posted by admin on Aug 05, 2011

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, the Biltmore House is one of the most fascinating places to visit in the United States. This home, built in the late 1890s in Ashville, North Carolina is believed to be the largest home in America. Originally part of a 175,000 acre estate, the house itself occupies 4 acres of land.

Constructed as a private family home for the George Washington Vanderbilt family, it continued to be a private residence until 1914. Composed of 11 million bricks surrounding 250 rooms, only 77 are used for sleeping and hygienic purposes. Read More…

No Place Offers More Beauty Than The Biltmore Estate

Posted by admin on Aug 02, 2011

If you want to experience something special that you can’t find anywhere else, you need to come and spend some time at Biltmore Estates in North Carolina. This gorgeous old estate has been around since before the turn of the century. Every year, more and more visitors come and are in complete awe at what they find. Beauty and history are all mixed into one amazing package. The mountains and the Biltmore gardens are a great combination.

You can come for the day and enjoy dinner or just walk around the grounds. The trails are easy to find Read More…

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