Drive The Blue Ridge Parkway For Incomparable Scenery

Posted by admin on Aug 08, 2011

The Blue Ridge Parkway is an almost indescribable stretch of roadway meandering for approximately 469 miles from the southern Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and having 125 miles within the borders of western North Carolina. As you drive along this two-lane highway, not only is the scenery breathtaking from early spring to late fall, but there are no 18-wheelers or product and business advertisement billboards to be found. The parkway which is celebrating its 75 anniversary of construction in 2011, is home to the only river east of the Mississippi which flows north instead of south.

From mile marker 5.8 (Virginia) to North Carolina 272.5, the rural life of mountain folks from the early 1900s was carefully and often painstakingly preserved as the parkway was carved through the mountains. Visitors are afforded the opportunity to enter log cabins and view demonstrations ranging from family and animal care to candle making.

Two other extremely interesting and unexplainable places to visit are Mystery Hill and Blowing Rock where the wind defies the laws of science. Here it is possible to see balls roll uphill, and cars parked at the bottom of a hill to be drawn back to the top by the wind.

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