A Beautiful Casino Hides In The N.C. Smokey Mountains

Posted by admin on Aug 12, 2011

North Carolina, located in the southeastern section of the United States, shares one of the world’s natural wonders with its neighbor, Tennessee. Beautiful and majestic, the Great Smoky Mountains stretch from Pigeon River, in North Carolina, to the Little Tennessee River. The Smoky Mountains are famous and take their name from the great bluish clouds and plumes of smoke that hang over its peaks; this natural effect is the result of the warm air from the Gulf of Mexico rapidly cooling in the high elevation. The Great Smoky Mountains are generally known for hiking, camping, rafting, and scenic drives. The Great Smoky Mountain National Park is also an attractive and popular tourist destination. However, nature is not the only activity in this beautiful southern mountain range. Tucked away in the foothills you can find casinos. All the glamour and glitz of Las Vegas or Atlantic City is hidden away in this famous mountain range. If you are tired of nature and the outdoors why not spend an evening playing slot machines or video poker? The lively sounds of casino entertainment are hidden and waiting to be explored. For one night replace the sounds of nature with the sounds of nightlife.

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